Thursday, August 03, 2006

Little princess had a case of diarrhoea yesterday evening... Lucky it was only one time, but I still called my aunt (a paediatrician) to confirm... Of course, the answer was, wait and see if it happens more... Good thing it didn't... I did check her temperature and all, other than the watery feces in her pampers and her unusually loud crying@shouting, everything else was normal... She drinks her milk, just sometimes a little lesser (1 or 2 ozs. lesser) and she sleeps well too.... I guess it's nothing major... It was still just one time since yesterday evening, so it's good news.... :D

Yesterday evening marks the first time that something 'unusual' and should be iven more attention happening... Something we can't run away from... But funny thing is, I was just answering an ex-colleague's question the day before, on whether "Has Rachel had her first sickness?"!! *roll eyes*

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