Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Woo Hoo!!!
That's our new toy... Yes, yes... A Nikon D70...

Remember I said I was looking forward to possibility of getting it? Yippee Yippee Yeah Yeah... We got it from my uncle on 29th Dec... You see, he bought a brand new D200, so this would be an 'outcast' (WHAT?! D70 an outcast? WHERE CAN?!), so since Tecky and I planned to get one for ourselves, we force uncle (he initially told us to just borrow it whenever we want to use, but then we want it everyday mar! hehehe) to 'sell' it to us second hand lor... And we got a VERY good deal from him, and erm, I'm a little embarrased to say how much I paid for it, but lets put this way, that he practically gave it to us as partial gift... :D

Whole weekend, we took zillion of photos! Bought a new 1G CF memory card costing us RM130, and Tecky is planning to get a waist pouch for it, so we can conveniently bring it around... I still have my Sanyo Xacti J4 for daily photos, but the D70 made the end of 2006 a sweeter one... More photos to come (I already have quite a bit of good photos through the weekend from this new toy to post about)... But there definitel is more emotions captured in D70 compared to my J4, can see more o Rachel's laughter compared to blurred out photos from J4...

We are still learning and playing around with the settings, and I hope to get used to i by Chinese New Year... :D

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