Monday, December 04, 2006

Sunday, 3rd December 2006... The first time I don't have my camera with me, Rachel decided to do something to surprise us...

There she was, sitting on her playpen, and having her arms on the side railing, and looking at me talk... Suddenly, Tecky told me, "Look at your daughter"... Guess what I saw!!!!!

She was standing, holding onto the side railing, but STANDING!!!!! I jumped up in joy, gave her a hug and she too, shriek and smiled, maybe sensing from my happy tone ler... What I did was to sit her down again, and let her try, and she just pulled herself up to standing position again with ease!!! Oh, my little girl is growing, especially this month, so much development, so much changes... Too bad I don't have my camera with me, to take photos or video... :(

When asked, Tina (the maid-sitter) said she saw Rachel doing this the day before... ish, she didn't tell me... :|

So here goes, Rachel has OFFICIALLY (proven and reproven) to be able to pull herself up from sitting to standing, ALL by HERSELF on Saturday 2nd December 2006, when she was 6 months and 6 days old!!! My heart still skips a little when I say it out loud... hahaha.... With this, and also her being able to put 1 leg after another to the front while we support her armpits, maybe she'll break my record of walking at 9 months old??? hahaha.... She has 3 more months to practise... :D

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