Monday, October 09, 2006

I had a pampering session in the saloon on Saturday, a wash and a massage while hubby was at home taking care of little Rachel, although he wasn't really feeling well, was down with sinus due to the haze problem. However, from then on, the weekend was nothing but HECTIC!

We had a wedding dinner to attend to that night, good friend of hubs back in secondary school. So we were supposed to leave Tina and Rachel in my mum's place so they wouldn't be alone, but end up, EVERYONE had plans, and they still had to be alone at home.... *shrug*
I called back at 10pm (mother being mother, can never not call back eh?), and Rachel still wasn't asleep! Anyway, this was the first night she had to sleep without me helping her with her night routine, and I guess it wasn't really good for her, cuz on Sunday, she woke up CRYING and FUSSING and KICKING and VERY VERY cranky! (which continued the whole day)... I better not be doing this too often... :(

Sunday spells another hectic day.

Hubby's colleague/friend was supposed to come for lunch, and because he was bringing a bottle of Bordeaux, normal pizza wouldn't do justice eh? We did our shopping for today's lunch on friday night after work, when Rachel is asleep, hubby and I snuck out at about 11pm to Tesco (good thing Tesco's ope till 1am on Fridays & Saturdays night). We were prepared to have mashed potato, baked mushroom & broccoli, with pan fried BBQ lamb. Friend was planning to come see Rachel, and take photos, so Rachel was all pretty in her new blouse (mind you, it's supposed to be for babies of age 18-24 months) from grandma, and a pink jeans from AhYeng CheChe (bro-in-law's girlfriend in Australia). We then found out that Friend was not in the condition to come, and I was told that he still feels like shit today! So, err... The lunch was then shared out between hubs, myself and Tina, with a few more in the fridge! And Friend, if you are reading this, the next time, you'll come with food as well... HaHaHa... :D

So so, lunch verdict, a little too salty, but it was good. It would have been great with Bordeaux, really... HeHeHe... We were having lunch while watching bad luck Schuey's engine failure, and I'm super sad! I wanted him to win! I was all ready, to jump in joy, seeing Scheuy lead from the start after taking over Massa's pole position, but what luck! WHAT LUCK!!! I'm mean, I'm vicious and I hope Alonso will have an engine failure or any other problems and could not complete his race in Brazil and Schuey will win the championship, be the first to get 8 championship wins and retire in the spotlight. He still already is retiring as a star, but, it could have been better... :(

Anyway, the hectic Sunday has not even really started!

I had 3 crabs crawling around in my house for the whole afternoon before we cut them up for the night's steamboat dinner. Inlaws came over, to celebrate mom-in-law's birthday which was supposed to be last Thursday.

We had a whole full table of food. Imagine we only finished half of the things hubby and I prepared! And to top up, inlaws bought A WHOLE lot more, not knowing the amount of stuff we already had. The whole afternoon (except for the F1 race) was all about food preparation! FOOD FOOD FOOD! Rachel was fussing during dinner time, and therefore I don't have any photos to show. Rachel actually fussed the whole day, hubby was getting tired of caring for her while Tina and I prepared for the dinner, and couldn't stop complaining about Rachel being a spoilt brat!! Anyway, dinner was tiring, with Rachel fussing and cry, and InLaws getting restless hearing their beloved grandkid cry, but there was just TOO MUCH food. Actually, both hubby and I would rather have more food than to have not enough and everyone not satisfied. SIGH, super greedy... I know... Which explains the tummy discomfort today... :(

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