Thursday, October 12, 2006

Rachel has now started to hold her milk bottle steadily for more than a week now.

Last month, she was doing it very clumsy, wasn't very stable and needed constant help from us.

Now, she will lung forward towards the milk bottle (IMPATIENTLY - nearly always kicking and struggling trying to get up and reach for it), and with a little help, stuff it into her opened 'O' shaped mouth that she will make since she see the milk bottle in front of her, and then, she'll hold the bottle with both her hands, until all the milk finishes.

It's fun seeing her do it. All 3 of her grandparents (2 grandmas and 1 grandpa) were so proud of Rachel's achievement, they can't stop coo-ing about it... However, I think her finger grips are not very well controlled yet, and the big Avent bottle doesn't really help, but I'm sure very soon she'll hold the bottle better... ;)

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