Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I don't know how many of you uses HongLeong (HLB), but I have ALL (I repeat, ALL) my accounts there, except for one in Maybank which was required for company's salary... ALL my other savings and current account are attached to HLB.

Read this.

I've been trying and failing to do my internet banking transactions since last week! I have issued some cheques which need to be cleared to ensure I don't get charged unnessary interest, and now, I haven't manage to transfer the money over to my current account, so if I get charged interest, who's going to bare leh?

Also, I feel disappointed that HLB did not put in notices earlier on the downtime, and the slow troubleshooting time. As a database administrator/developer, I understand that certain things are just unavoidable, but they are down for 5 days now, and I think is a very serious matter. They do owe all of us a huge apology, and better make sure I don't get charged interest or penalty (cuz my current account doesn't have enough money for the cheques that I've issued, as I haven't manage to transfer money over yet), else I going to call up HLB and SCOLD them liao!

I know, it's also my carelessness, I shouldn't have all money in 1 bank... Hehehe...


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