Saturday, February 10, 2007

~ Backdated Post ~

A week ago, Tecky and I bought this sets of floor 'mat' (what do you call them) for Rachel... Only 3 sets left in Tesco (and cheap whoi, RM9.90 oni)... LUCKY only 3 sets left, else we would have gotten more, but in fact, 3 was enough to fit the living area where Rachel plays...Well, seriously, I don't know about Rachel but I LOVE IT! hahaha... Isn't it the case with most parents? We buy things that we fancy and we have more kicks out of it than the kiddo... hahaha... Well, look at her... I think it's good, as she starts to 'crawl' a bit more, and this doesn't hurt her knee (from the friction with the floor) when she pull and pull her knees moving her heavy backside up and down... It makes taking care of her a tad easier too, just throw her there with her toys, and she'll be entertained for a while... I really think this floor pieces are good... I even wipe Rachel at night on thsi mat, SO MUCH easier, dun have to worry about her tossing and turning and falling down... :D

So now, our apartment has been OFFICIALLY tagged KIDDO HOUSE... Once you entered, a big walker stands at the side, a box of milk powder sitting at the side of the store room door, LOTSA toys lying around and a COLOURFUL 'carpet' in the living... hahaha... BEAUTY eh? :P

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