Monday, January 29, 2007

It was a terrible weekend for the family... First, THIS happened on Saturday, and then on Sunday, we got a call from my brother (CC) whom were on his way home for dinner from 1U to get my mom's birthday present, that he was in an accident, and he needed a tow truck!

First thought was, that bad? Is everyone OK? (His gf and my cousin sis studying in TAR was with him)... He said everyone was OK, but both the front and back of car is a wreck! Thank God for the first part of the sentence... (before I go on, yeah, anyone that was around 1U area yesterday and was stuck in the massive jam, yes, it was my brother and the other cars, yes, total 4 cars involved but the stupid idiot car behind CC ran away - story ahead)

First of, tow trucks fellas are HORRIGIBLE! Anyone got any relative working as this callmen people, I'm sorry, but I so so don't like them... (Well, it's just their way of making money, so they have to, but then as a consumer, I HATE IT)... You see, Tecky's cousin is in this car spare parts line and knows lots of them mechanics and all, and we wanted someone we could trust to get the car fixed... and you know the rule, DO NOT LET ANY TOW TRUCK FELLA TOW YOUR CAR cuz they would then tow it back to their workshop... ANYWAY, after a whole near 30 minutes of
discussion and calls and hassle (and traffic jam and police chasing them off according to CC), we agreed to let this callman that was around tow the car to the police station, and that was what was agreed...

POINT TO LOOK OUT (TIP) : Do not sign any papers that the callman give you even if you said to just tow it to the station! This is their 'CONTRACT' to argue that you've agreed to let them fix the car, no matter what you say or have agreed verbally... To get back this 'contract' we paid RM450 - cuz we wanted our own trusted mechanic to do it.... So yes, not knowing this, CC signed it, because callman said, I can't tow to station if you don't sign, and yes I'm just towing it to the station for you!

When we went over to the PJ state police station to meet up with them, I was still a little worried as to the injuries of the impact would have caused... Cousin had a big bump in her head, and her neck and shoulder was sore, CC's gf was ok, and CC was said to not been able to move his leg for a while after the accident, but he was OK when I saw him... They did went to the hospital for check yesterday night, but I still have not heard of any news, so this time around, no news is good news...
When I saw the car, I was amazed and VERY thankful to God that everyone was OK... Look at it, the back is practically gone, the front was wrecked too... Lucky my cousin was sitting behind the passenger and not the driver, else she would have been pinned down by the driver seat which moved place after the accident...

Oh, so far I have missed the story eh? The front car stopped, so CC had to sudden break, and the car at the back (no one saw the car plate) knock CC (high impact) went off before CC/gf/cousin could realise anything... CC bang the car in front (a Myvi) and Myvi bang a Vios in front of it... BAD EH? According to the police, if the car behind CC does not show up within 24 hours, CC will be the blamed party!!! WTF! After much debating, policeman said, I know there's a car, I know there's witness, but no one saw the car plate, and therefore, I can't put the blame on no one, so you are the back most car, therefore it's you!!! What kinda logic is this? ISH!!!!!

Anyway, that was my weekend, bad eh? *shake head*


On another note, Rachel was very understanding of all this, I'm amazed... She was actually fussing when we got the call, then when everyone was in a panic mode trying to settle things, I admit I didn't notice her, then when we decided to leave to meet them up to see if we could help, she fussed for me to carry, and I told her that uncle CC was in an accident, daddy and mommy need to go see if we could help him, and then to bring them back home, so Rachel has to be a good gal, and stay with Kak Tina, daddy & mommy will come back once everything is done...

SHE WAS A GOOD GAL AFTER TAT, NO FUSSING, AT ALL, eventhough we came back after her usual fussing time (ready for bed time)... And when we came back, and telling the story to my uncle and aunts that was around, she listened tentatively, and then kept wanting CC to carry her... SWEET EH?

It really does seem like she understand... :)