Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Rachel had her first swim on the last day of 2006...

We bought the 'pool' from Tesco a while back, and since it wouldn't fit into our apartment (yeah, there's a child pool in the apartment, but don't know when was the last cleaning ler...), we left it in inlaw's house in Kota Kemuning and didn't have much time to set it up, somemore lately rain all the time, COLD MAR!

We bought her swim suit during a triumph sales, 50%! BUT BUT BUT!! TOO BIG LAR! Silly mommy, hahaha... It was practically dropping! Poor Rachel... :D

It was a tough job filling it up with water I tell you! I think we spent more time filling it up, than she actually spent in it! She was nearly falling asleep already while waiting, so we decided to put her in when the water was 1/2 filled (which was good too, cuz she isn't that tall, hehe)... Of course, the excitement was more for us (Tecky, MIL, BIL & gf, Tina and myself) than her, but we had fun! hehe...

She was a little afraid, crying at first... Tecky went in with her, and I was busy snapping with D70, hehehe... Later on, she did had a little fun I supposed... But most of the time, she still have that blur (I'm-in-strange-ground) look... We'll try it again later on, hopefully with a fitting swimming suit... hehehe... (AIYOH! New one lar, not hoping her to grow that big that fast)... :D

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