Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tecky and I was running some errands yesterday after work, and decided to have dinner outside, just the 2 of us, before heading home to little Rachel... Want fast mar, so we had Mc'Donalds lar... Eh, what not healthy? My FAVOURITE food is FAST FOOD! Give me fast food and I'm happy, no need shark fin no need abalone... hahaha

Anyway, across our table, there's this family with 2 kids, 1 about 3 years or less, another about 4 months, with their nanny (maid), mother and grandmother... So, you know lar, as a mother, when there's a baby, I tend to look... hehe... (is it just me?)
Suddenly, this grandmother that was carrying little junior (4 months or less) took a french fries, break it into half, open up (kinda mash it with her finger a little) and stuff it into the little boy's mouth! OMIGOD! The boy doesn't even know how to close his mouth, and left the mashed fries in his mouth and stare blankly... What does grandma do? She took another, break it into smaller pieces and stuff it into the boy's mouth on top of what is already in there!!

All in all, grandma stuffed at least about 10 hand mashed (more like hand-pinched) fries into the baby's mouth... FRENCH FRIES!! LESS THAN 4 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!!!!

I really felt the urge to go up to the grandma and say, you should not be force feeding the poor baby!! But, who I am to question her child bringing experience... Sometimes I just feel that some of the older generation are just so ignorant and stubborn, just because when they brought us up, there's no such studies and that we grew up well, doesn't mean what they practised was the best, but do they listen? NO!!!!!!