Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Firstly, no... We didn't have a single hawker food... Which was a little dissapointing... But I guess that will only mean another Penang trip in the planning eh? hahaha...
(Oh, SengMing... I'm so sorry, I didn't get to contact you... No time nor energy for hawker food even, imagine that! hahaha)

There'll be LOTSA photos (and a lot of backdated blogs to come), but for now, let me talk about the journey to and fro... RACHEL WAS A GOOD GIRL!!

(Could not upload to Blogger, so link from flickr lar)
Rachel Sleeping Through the Journey

On the way there, she slept from Klang to Tapah, then again from Penang bridge all the way to the hotel, which gives me time to look at the map and find the place... Lucky too leh...
On our way home, she slept from Penang bridge for about 30 minutes, then again from Tapah to Kota Kemuning... GOOD HOH!? hahaha.... I'm happy... :D

But trust me, really a big headache, with the whiny road, and crying baby... My back aches from having to sit at the corner of the chair, basically supporting myself with my bended legs, while trying to change her, and making sure her poo does not dirty MIL's car (yeah, we took her car, LUCKY too, else sure lagi susah)...

I think overall, the travelling went well... But as I was sick, that made it a little tough... All still went well, better than I anticipated... I will not have no doubts about travelling with Rachel, we just need to start to pack lesser... I'll post a photo of all the things we brought for Rachel very soon! hahaha.... You'll smack your forehead and laugh at me... hehehe