Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This is a sponsored post by PPP.


You know what? The first email that caught my eye when I open my email today (after a long long weekend break) was this subject : YOU'VE BEEN PAID FOR SPREADING THE WORD

Then I read, and saw that I've been paid in paypal, $5, because a referred blogger (thanks, you know who you are, I hope more of your friends will be referred too) is approved!!! I did nothing for this one... Didn't even have to blog! hahaha.... Good eh? Good x'mas present... So guys (and gals), I'm telling you this, PPP REALLY pays...

To even think I was previously skeptical about PPP! I'm starting to love it, really... Not only that I get to choose what I blog about, I have a choice to not blog until I find one I like, which mean I am not forced to blog about something that I don't truly believe in... As I previously blogged about, the disclosure of sponsored blogging really does make me so much more confortable in doing this 'blog marketing'... You know what? Getting paid is making me even more motivated to post more!!!