Thursday, December 21, 2006

This post is sponsored by HP.

I have had my digital camera for 2 years now... It's still working fine, photos are wonderful, but everytime you see a new model coming up, it's nearly always higher megapixel, or smaller or lighter... It's SO small now that you can just slip it into the pocket and not realised it!! Of course you have camera phones, but the quality are sacrificed too...

Digital photos are SO convenient!! Imagine this, Rachel is 7 months old now, and I have 3573 (filtered) photos of her!!!! By filtered, I mean deleted those that I didn't like lar... Imagine!!! I am so thankful that there's digital camera, else I wouldn't have the luxury of taking and choosing and deleting and only keeping those I want... Now I have a problem, I am a person that loves to have a compiled sequenced photo album (in hard copy)... I don't know how I'm going to print SO MANY out... It'll be good if I can have a photo printer *hint* *hint* at home though... Imagine I can print the ones I like as soon as I take them...

Well, human are always greedy... Mine is only 4MP, do you think I can get a new slick and compact HP digital camera of 6MP for free?? Then I can take even better photos of Rachel for keeping, and then also at the same time, with a good photo printer like HP's, print those beautifully captured photos for keeps... That will be EXCELLENT!!! :D

May I have the HP photo gear, pretty please???????