Monday, December 18, 2006

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I've ALWAYS wanted to lose weight, that's because I've always been big size... *roll eyes*
I have always been the biggest size in class, imagine, I was more than 50kg (which some of you mothers out there are weighing NOW) when I was in primary school (less than 12 years old)!!! hahaha... Yeah, yeah, now now, stop glaring! I'm not kidding!!

I've tried signing up in a gym for fitness & losing weight purpose, back when I was in Australia, but I went there 2 times?? After that, it was all excuses, "aiyah, exam coming, I wanna pay attention to exam first", "aiyoh, today very tired, I will walk there tomorrow"... In the end, the membershop expired without me even realising it...

I've tried taking supplements, yeah, I do lose weight but then I start to eat again... Tecky says that my main problem is my eating habits!!! JUNK FOOD!! YAKK YAKK YAKK!!! hahaha... As commented by Timo HERE when I mentioned about my cousin providing slimming through acupuncture in her shop, EXERCISING is the best method to losing weight... Actually, I know (I just choose not to act on it, due to pure laziness), but there just seem to be too many excuses and I'm really really too lazy... Whenever I exercise, I tried jogging, I end up eating more (yeah, I know, that's one excuse too)...

You know what I'm hoping for? I hope when Rachel start to be mobile, I will be forced to do more exercising... Lets hope that I don't end up telling Tecky, aiyah I am too tired to run after her, go go, take care of her! *blush*