Monday, December 18, 2006

After reading Sasha's blog (the post she purposely put up) on the munchkin, and seeing Rachel's reaction to food, Tecky finally regret not buying the munchkin... hehehe... SO, yeah, we went to 1U to get it for little Rachel last weekend, oh, and believe me, she loves it!! Not only her, grandfather also like it... hahaha... We had so much fun seeing her chomp chomp chomp away, and then started crying for more... hahaha....

You must be asking after seeing the photo, why got 2 leh?? hahaha... Well, the opened munchkin is of course, for little Rachel... And the unopened one, if for little Raelynne... Cuz Julian couldn't get it there, so since I'm getting it, Raelynne gets one too loo.... :D

Photo shows anxious Rachel with her papaya (and of course mozzy bites all over!)

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