Tuesday, December 12, 2006

*YAWN* It was 11pm, Rachel has been asleep for at least an hour, time for us to get to bed... Then SUDDENLY, this #@$%&$# (we are not sure which apartment, we are guessing either the one directly above us, or the house next to them) was DRILLING his wall... WTF!! At 11pm? It was SO loud, it woke Rachel up, and she was screaming!! Managed to calm her down a bit, and I thought the drilling stop, but I was SO wrong, it went on again for a long time, and Rachel again, screamed (cry lar) at the top of her lung!! Tecky got so pissed off, he went out of the apartment and stomp upstairs to check if he could catch the culprit, while I carried Rachel and sooth her back to sleep, while the #@$%&$# upstairs CONTINUED TO DRILL... After that, he was hammering!!!!! WTF!!!

Tecky told me later, that he went downstairs, the management guards were searching for the #@$%&$# too, and that the guards heard it from the opposite block! HOW INCONSIDERATE IS THAT?? Can't they do it earlier? Fine, you are working, do it as soon as you reach home, 7pm? 8pm? or even 9pm!! DON'T DO IT AT 11PM LAR!!!!!!

I tell you, lucky Rachel went back to sleep, else, I would have went out the balcony and screamed for that idiot to stop... Oh, the guard did that, he shouted from downstairs "WHOI! BODOH KAH?" (Malay: WHOI, stupid ar?)... *GRR*

An angry mother!! "NO PLAY PLAY" (Slang: Not to be messed with) I tell you!!!!!!