Wednesday, August 16, 2006

NOTE: I really have to admit that I will of course be blogging more about BABY (for obvious reasons) as that is currently the center of my (I bet hubby's too) lives... :D

It has been widely believed that baby car seat is a necessary safety device for all driving parents with a baby or toddler riding in together... Which was why, we permanently have a baby car seat strapped in the back seat of our car now, cuz we are just too lazy to unstrap and strap it as and when needed...

With the above in mind, it was a shocking read when I saw the article about baby seat impairring child's breathing in a baby blog. I totally agree with the blog saying that more studies are actually driving parents insane!! We need it for safety, but we shouldn't use it to prevent breathing difficulties... use, don't use, USE, DON'T USE, USE, DON'T USE, USE, DON'T USE, USE, DON'T USE!!!!!!!!!!

Well, to tell you the truth, I HAVE came across many of similar mind-blowing situations.
> One would highly recommend mittens and booties, and another highly against it.
> One would be adamant in saying ginger is significantly needed in the confinement diet, and another saying it causes jaundice.
> One says that talcum powder or lotion should be use, and another saying it blocks the pores.
> Crying is good for baby, crying causes wind/colic in the tummy.
> etc. etc. etc....

Now, SERIOUSLY, there's just too many comments and opinions, and it's just impossible to make everyone happy. The more head counts, the more difficult. (I know, it's obvious, everyone knows it). That's life isn't it? So much easier if everyone can just agree on a common practice of baby care, but then it'll be monotonous, I know... Variety makes things interesting... *shrug*