Tuesday, December 05, 2006

As stated yesterday (here), she lifted her own heavy butt, all by herself and I didn't have my camera to take it. So yesterday first thing I did upon arriving in my mum's house is, sit her in her playpen and make her stand... The first few times, she just pull herself and squat there like she's going to the loo, then look at me and laughed! CHIHHHH!!!

Then she finally did it... She pulled herself up, shouted but then drop down again... HaHaHa... This is the best I could get yesterday, but the day before, she stood and held herself up until I put her to sitting again... Yeah, I am proud of my little girl, but then now that I received the comments from other mommies reminding me of the chasing job as soon as kiddo starts walking, I'm starting to realise the hectic exercises coming up... hahaha... *slap forehead*

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