Monday, August 21, 2006

Well, the weekend is pretty eventful for her... Really... First, she got to come to Mommy's office, meeting up with all the aunties and uncles that are all anxious to see her after hearing so much of her from me, of course...

She then get to go to Sunway Pyramid (for the first time) for Nando's Chicken (well, she was just sitting there staring at us eat, no choice) with Jayna! Wonderful lunch, chatting a little, and snapping photos for a while, with Jayna swearing away at her new camera! ehehe.... This is a good photo grabbed from Jayna's blog, I like this one, look at how happy Rachel is... :)

Here's another photo taken by me, when she's nicely seated in her baby seat, on our ride home... She slept before this, tired of the journey, but as she awoke, she was attentively looking at the scenery pass by... It was good photography opportunity... :D
I like this photo, the colour, the brightness, shows her tiny birth hair (err, how do you say it? the best word found is hair, but not those on top of her head, *shrug*) on her forehead... And her chubbiness shows even more.... :D
I'm happy, but I don't know about her.... hahaha.... selfish mom eh?

On Sunday, she even got a treat to morning breakfast outing with the grandparents, of course she only got to sit and watch while the parents and grandparents nicely eating Bah Kut Teh (a chinese delicacy, popular in Klang : Sorta like a pork stew with chinese herbs). It was her first so far, but I'm sure when she does start eating solid food, she'll get this breakfast treat every Sunday, as it's grandpa's favourite Sunday breakfast... :D

Little Rachel must be SO tired after an exhausting weekend, with so many outings, that she just slept through soundly, the Sunday evening, that when Daddy and I try to wake her up for her night time routine for bed, this is how she look like, dozing off while she's being wiped too.... hahahahahaha

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