Thursday, March 23, 2006

Today is the birthday of a very special friend, JioTao!

Happy Birthday, my friend!!

Well, his gf (WanZi) did a fine job in compiling all his friends' 'article' of him, and we now have a copy of it each. Which was touching and sweet, and she did a wonderful job in beautifying my article with putting background music, putting nice angelic background image and compiling it into html format. Thanks WanZi!! ;)

Initially I wrote more about him here, as I'm not sure if I said enough in the article I wrote for him, read it a few times now, and I feel that I did not say enough. But then again, friends means you don't have to explain too much isn't it?
我想说,你是个很好的朋友。我很感谢上帝,because He blessed me with such a good friend like you.