Monday, March 20, 2006

I came across a programme on the radio station the other day, about World Vision programme in Malaysia. Have everyone heard about it?

Check it out.

It's to help kids (for now, they have kids from India, China or Thailand), by creating a better environment, helping with their basic necessity, etc. We can actually sponsor a kid, by a mere RM50 a month!! C'mon, what is RM50? 1 less branded t-shirt a month, or maybe 1 less Pizza meal for 2 a month? But, to think of it, it could actually help save a kid's (and his/her family's) life, and to maybe create a better future for the kid. It is for good cause!!

In the programme, Fish Leong was saying that the child she's sponsoring in China, the family's daily income is only earning RM0.90 (YES! No typo, just 90cents RM). That's only about RM27 a month!! IMAGINE THAT! It's saddening... :(

Anyway, imagine this. We can actually help to create a future for a kid, without any big sacrifices on our part. Check it out and see if you are interested!!