Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It was an exciting night for hubby and I two nights before, we saw BB (the bundle of job growing in me now) MOVING! Well, I know it's probably just something any pregnant women will say, 'AIYAH, normal lar'!! But it was exciting. We could actually literally see my tummy move, to describe, it is like a small scale of those alien movies, where the alien is growing inside the human body!! (It's weird to describe BB as alien, but it does reminds me of that, :P).

BB is officially 6 months in me now, another 3 months and 7 days to go.... It feels like just yesterday when hubby and I were all excited and flabbergasted about the double line on pregnancy test, but it's now 6 months already! I'm starting to be able to 'sense' BB's movement, being able to sense (80% of the time) BB's movement before 'it' (since the gender is not 100% confirmed) actually moved/kicked.

Many times now, I catch myself wondering (and worrying in the matter of fact), about whether or not I'll be a good mother, about whether or not BB's gonna be healthy and fine, if I'm taking enough nutrition for BB's growth, whether I'll even be able to handle BB when 'it' cries and all later on, and the questions just continues.... That also reminds me, I have to start preparing the apartment for BB's arrival!!!