Thursday, February 23, 2006

* The picture was taken with my camera phone, which explains the blurness of it... and also taken in dim lightings too!!

Our first purchase for BB!! We initially went scouting for prices yesterday night, wanting to know the price difference of Avent products between M'sia and Sg, but we ended up spending RM40 on 4 LITTLE TINY shirts!!! And these are the LOWER priced items, going on a baby product sale in the foyer of the complex!!!!!

There's so many cute clothes, which are meant for a baby gal, but I'm not even sure if BB's going to be a gal or a boy, what if I buy those, and BB turn up to be a boy!! It'll be so weird to let my son wear frilly shirts right? SIGH!! So that explains the neutral coloured shirts, which will fit for both gender... :D

As for the price of Avent product!!! It cost a BOMB here compared to Sg, which means, I will be troubling my friends in Sg, and assigning them my official purchaser, to get those items for me. I've already given them a long list of stuff to hunt down and purchase, I guess I really owe them a SUPER DUPER big meal when they come back... or probably A FEW meals. :D