Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't you just hate it when people gets into your privacy comfort zone?

Recently, 'someone' was checking with me on my availability on certain time and date, which I couldn't get back because my schedules of things to do and all wasn't with me... Which was what I told her lar... And she DARINGLY asked me, it's here right? On your desk?

SO? What if it is? You expecting me to give you access to me privacy? I didn't even have to show it to my boss, what rights do you have that I need to show it to you?

Worse still, I later realised that prior to calling me, she actually requested someone else, on whether or not they have access to my schedule...

WHOI! please lar... I don't step on your turf, you DO NOT come barging in... You have no rights, and will never do, in checking through my stuff ok? Please respect people privacy, and don't think that you are so great that everyone owe it to you to listen and 'butter' you! HMPPHHH!!!