Monday, April 16, 2007

A colleague of mine just gave birth...
It is her 2nd (although she's lik 4 years younger than I am) and she was in office (2 weeks before her due date)... Suddenly say having tummy ache and urge to go do big business lar... And then 5 hours later, gave birth to a 3.83kg bb girl....


Well, I later found out she was induced due to the intense pain, but then, still.... FAST!!!

We visited her the day after, and the whole experience (from the time she had tummy aches until when I saw the bb), I can't help but think back of the time I was going through it... And I just felt like, aww, I want to give birth again!!!

It's nearly a year ago, but when I see the little kiddo pushing her tongue and then sleeping, all bundled up, so small (hough 3.83kg which is BIG)... SO CUTE! She was in the nursery, cannot carrylar, but OH HOW I SO WISH TO CARRY HER!!!!!

Ish! Does this happen to all mothers? Or is it just me?