Thursday, February 15, 2007

Recently, I've been seeing a lot of red highlighted opportunities (PPP's term for topics to write about) - short termed opp, which I can't write on... But this posts are nearly always VERY HIGHLY PAID!!!
Well, first off, the red highlight is brought about by the new segmentation system by PPP, whch awards bloggers with high traffic blogs... There is even opp that is paid up to $1000... Yes, you read me right... ONE THOUSAND USD! Just by writing on ONE (and ONLY ONE) sponsored post! Isn't it FASCINATING? Too bad though, that my traffic is not that high... hahaha

Talking about getting paid for our post, there are also the ReviewMe program, which actually charges 100% markup of the service fee, in comparison of PPP's service fee of 35%... Meaning we do get paid more through PPP, and well, I've stressed this over and over again, and I don't think I can stress enough, PPP is REALLY easy money... So what are you waiting for? Fill up that pocket of yours through PPP... Especially if you have high traffic blog...

But then again, with all that said, low traffic bloggers like me do still have chances in grabbing some opp... There still are opp paying $15 out there for people like me... haha... So that's not too bad... I still like PPP's requirement of disclosing that the post is paid, this way, we are not actually 'lying' to our readers, are we... :D

I've actually NEVER EVER thought that I would be able to make money blogging, until PPP came about... *MUACKS*
Thanks PPP... :D