Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sponsored post.

Lombard Direct is a trading name of The Royal Bank of Scorland. They loans are available to residents of Scotland, England, Wales and N.I. (where applicable)...

They recently have a new section in their website, offering readers financial news... When I took a look at the site, which Lombard has done a good job in keeping readers informed, with easy access of either viewing by category (listed in the right), or to browse by date or just by latest news articles available, I was shocked to see the heading of "50% of teenangers 'in debt' by 17"... Even shocked I was when I saw that a research reveals that 1 in 20 young people in UK think they do not have to ever pay back money borrowed on a credit card!!
*smack head on wall*

Well, that shows that Lombard don't only talk about boring mundane NUMBERS in their financial news eh, but actually about anything and everything that is somehow or rather related to finance, interesting news included... Check it out...