Monday, October 23, 2006

Rachel's 1st outstation visit!! Ipoh was the destination... We went on 21st Oct (Sat) and came back on 22nd Oct (Sun).

No no, Tina (our maid cum babysitter) didn't tag along, so it was just me and hubby with the inlaws... Everyone was so worried we couldn't manage, but no one realised that every weekend, it was just hubby and I that settled Rachel... So it's really nothing new... *roll eyes*

If you've read the papers, there was a 200km jam on PLUS highway! Thank God, Father In Law (FIL) did a turn out to the coastal road at Sungai Buloh, and we went along Kuala Selangor way to Ipoh... It took us about 6 hours to get to Ipoh (in comparison to the 2 hours highway) but I'm sure it will take us even longer if we were to stick to PLUS highway...

InLaws are still very disturbed hearing Rachel cry, so it was a little stressful on my part, trying to make sure Rachel don't cry as much and that she will stop crying as soon as she starts! Imagine, FIL was so anxious hearing her cry, that he was stepping on the accelerator more, even when I was changing her diapers, causing me to sway left and right, while trying to change her diapers and making sure she doesn't roll off the seat! Well, since she crys a lot when put in her baby car seat, she spends most of her time carried, either by hubby or me... How to not pamper her when everyone around couldn't stand her crying? HaHaHa...

We went to Tanjung Tualang for lunch (VERY late lunch, considering it was about 3pm). Nice lunch, just I couldn't enjoy it much, with Rachel insisting that I stand and walk! We had our seafood lunch in a restaurant called Lung Seng, and the price is VERY reasonable, the fish and prawns are superbly fresh, and I love the fried noodle, though I only managed to SWALLOW tiny bit of it, no chance of savouring the taste... hehehe...

Little Rachel was cranky, VERY cranky (as you can see in the photos below)... It was all cry, fussiness and lotsa kicking, and a little sleeping... The whole night, when she sees her great grandma (GGM), she will stare, cry, stop, turn to look for GGM, stare, cry, stop and the vicious cycle continues... I don't know if GGM scared her by laughing VERY loudly while she was looking, or whether Rachel is just plain scared of all old man/woman... Happens to greatgrand uncle and aunts too... *shrug*

This will be the first trip to Ipoh that I dind't really have fun eating, cuz most of the time, I'm carrying Rachel, and was eating with 1 hand... Can't really enjoy the eating and had to be walking around a lot too!

Rachel had diarrhea (1 time only) when we reach home, I wonder if it's the water? But I did mix water we brought from home and the water we boiled there, in fact we even brought her own thermos boiler! Now that gets me a little worried for the Penang trip due end of the year for a friend's wedding... Any advice??

This is probably the first time I post so many of Rachel's crying photos!
Start of journey : being good in the baby car seat, smiling and playing, sleeping soundly
In Ipoh : GGM laughing loudly (which probably scares little Rachel), in the restaurant
Fussing Starts: Crying, crying, crying

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