Thursday, January 25, 2007

I received an forwarded email on Eye On Malaysia yesterday...
I must admit, being skeptical after all the reports of how it was faulty the previous weekend, and the tax money spent in there (together with the fireworks every night!!), the photos were captivating!!!

This is one of my fav...
(I did not take the photo, I didn't edit it, as it is not mine to do so - Credit goes to

The pic could be better, but I like the backdrop of Twin Tower and KL Tower... It does remind me of the London Eye (I'll go back and check on my London photos to see if I have any to show) with Big Ben behind it... They should keep this around after Visit Malaysia Year '07... THEY SHOULD!!

I must visit at night lar, so I can take photos... Anyone interested?? Lets plan!! hahaha... :D

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