Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When I was in uni, I hope my phone will ring, I get excited when it does, cuz most of the time, it means 'lepak' (malay : hang out) time, or there sure to be activities...

When pattoh (chinese: courting), I like it when my phone rings, means Tecky calls, either going out for a date or chat... (in fact always waiting for it to ring lar)

NOW! I HOPE MY PHONE DON'T RING! Not that I don't want my friends to call, I want, I still want to go out I still want to hang out... BUT!!! Firstly for those that calls at night, the phone wakes up Rachel!! Secondly, which happens MOST of the time, whenever my phone ring, my heart will stop beating, I will check the caller ID praying hard it's not from my mum's house... WHY? Cuz I so scared that it'll be my maid... I'm always always in fear that she'll call me to tell me Rachel is sick, or Rachel fell down, or anything bad... Sometimes, when my mum calls, or my aunt calls, I will be on my tiptoe again, why? what happened? what's wrong?
So in general, I hope my phone don't ring... The less it rings, the better...

Life as a parent sucks eh? :|