Saturday, January 27, 2007

Rachel is 8 months old today!!
So fast... Another 4 months and it's going to be 1 years old! That will be a great milestone eh? hahaha.... (this mother SO ANXIOUS)

WEIGHT : 8.8kg
HEIGHT : 72cm

  • No change.
  • Going to star her on more varieties this month.
  • No change.
  • Signs of more to come soon.

New Developments:
  • Brushes her hands against each other when told to "wash hands"
  • Can move front, back and turn slightly in her walker.
  • Crawls a little better, and could reach her destination now.
  • Can identify people accurately, she'll turn and look at the person we mention. (eg: "where is Daddy?" -> she'll turn and look around until she found Tecky, then stare at him for a longer time.)
  • Know how to 'sayang' (put her hand on people's cheek) when told to (but does this to the person in front of her only)
  • Can wave bye-bye.
  • Like to throw things on the floor. But everytime this happens, she'll also be the one picking it up (of course push forward and we carry her over or put her on the floor near it lar) -> This might be because I always train her to pick up things that she drop.
  • When told to "GIVE", she'll drop the thing she's holding, sometimes onto the hand that we stretch out for her (most of the time only : sometimes she is too engrossed in it, she didn't bother), then right after that she'll ask for it back again...
  • Always wants the things (whatever it is) that we are holding.
Emotion :
  • DEMANDING! Now means now, want means want, else she'll go mmm, mmmm, or eeeeeee..... *roll eyes*
  • Needs companion when she goes to bed at night now, I don't know if it's separation anxiety or teething... Whichever, it's not good...
  • Couldn't see me go away (toilet also I have to hide and Tecky have to distract her)... Just like when I reach home from work, she'll make noise if I don't carry her...
  • Laughs more too