Saturday, December 16, 2006

Backdated post! (AGAIN!!)

Favourite if of course my camera!!!!!

But her second favourite, is my pda phone! *roll eyes*
Photo was taken on 11th December, when Tecky was at work
(yeah, Selangor Sultan's birthday, so I didn't have to work mar), and I was getting ready to go out... Since Tina was getting her things packed up, I left Rachel on my unmade bed playing by herself... She fussed and tried turning around or pulling on the piled up comforter to try to stand up, and afraid of her falling from the bed and hitting her head, I gave her my phone... It kept her quiet and entertained while I can take my own sweet time getting ready (and even find time to camwhore a little)... hahaha.... COOL eh? Mind you, it's not that light... She holds on to the strap, or even on the body, with one hand, and then passes it from one hand to the other...

Of course the bad part of this idea is that, from then on, she kept lunging towards my phone whenever I write an sms, or make a call!!