Monday, November 20, 2006

I have SO many things to blog about, but so little time, that I don't even know where to start... haha... So I guess this blog is going to have bits and pieces of things, with my mind jumping in and out... :|

Firstly, most importantly, Rachel is confirm teething!! :D
White bumps appeared on her lower gum on Thursday (16 November 2006). She's starting to rub her toys across her gum, and fussing a lot more... I'm not sure if the latter is related, but I sure hope the fussing and manja-ing decreases when her gum feels better...

Secondly, Rachel can now roll over all the way (she rolls from back to tummy towards her right side, then from tummy to her back again, also to right side)!! I first saw her doing this on 12 November 2006 (last 2 Sunday), but because the bed wasn't leveled, I tot it was just gravity and the slanting which helped her, so I dismissed it as coincident, but she did it on a leveled mattress on the floor again one of the weekday (if I remember correctly, it should be Wednesday 15 November), and again yesterday 19 November 2006! I'm very happy, I did not miss this!! Hehe... In fact, even the maid-babysitter didn't know about it, until I announce it to everyone yesterday... However, little Rachel is still VERY lazy, she won't even turn to her tummy much, so chances of seeing her turn all the way is pretty slim... She likes to lay there and play, or demand to stand more nowadays.... That brings me to the 3rd point, she can stand unsupported for a while now... We help her hold onto something, either the bar of her playpen, or daddy's legs, and she can stand for a while...

On Saturday (18 Nov), my god-mum ('adopted' kind of lar) came down from Batu Pahat again, and this time around, with 10 (out of 19, yeah, she has NINETEEN grandkids, eldest around 13, and youngest being few months old... she'll have 20 if Rachel is included as her god-granddaughter, and Rachel's the youngest if so) of her grandkids (my nieces and nephews, in the age range of 1-12)!! Trust me, it was a total chaos, and a big headache... This is the first time Rachel in amongst her generation, as she's the eldest grandkid in both hubby and my side of the families, she only have cousins from Batu Pahat! They were SO noisy that she didn't sleep at all the whole day, until they left in the evening!! *phew*
Here's a photo for the album... The first time Rachel is amongst her cousins...
p/s: The maid near the pillar didn't want to move out of the photo although we asked her to, so no choice, have to take her together in it! *roll eyes*

Lastly, we bought Rachel a baby chair yesterday! hehe... We were initially looking for a high chair, but when we saw this, we fell in love with it!! It's from Fisher-Price... Yeah, a little pricey, we paid RM169 for it, but looking at how excited and comfortable Rachel was in it, it's totally worth the money... It can be strapped onto our chair, so she can eat at the table with us (there's an adjustable height leg to it, 3 levels), or it can be lowered (for safety reasons) and be put on the floor... I LOVE IT! I guess I was more excited with it than Rachel was!! Oh, I forgot to mention, there's a fitting dish plate with a cup holder that can be fit onto the tray, and a cover for it too... It's really really nice!! Oh, I think it helps train her with her sitting too, cuz with this, she won't be leaning in front... Too bad it's only for children up to 20kg... But we'll think about that when she reaches 20kg or when she couldn't fit into this now... :D
That's all folks! :D

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