Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Let me start from the beginning.... I was nicely driving down Kesas Highway, heading home alone as hubby had to stay late, was at the speed limit, 90km/h, and not even on the fastest lane! (I was driving on the middle lane)... Nicely listening to my radio when I saw from the rear view mirror, this medium sized lorry came tearing down the highway like he's running from a police chase (OK, that was exaggerated). He was driving towards me, speeding definitely, and there were no cars on either side of me. GUESS WHAT! He chose to drive up close to my back, and 'stick' to me, like there's probably about 0.5 meter distance between us, and flashed to ask me to move aside!

NOTE: I'd have to admit that I was being a stubborn driver too at that point, but WHAT THE FUCK! I was at the speed limit, in the MIDDLE lane, and if you really want to go faster, over take me!! There's no cars on either side, NONE, NADDA, ZIPP!!!!

So, I stayed at my lane, and stared at the lights of the lorry through the rear view, and guess what, he came nearer, and flashed a few more times, but I being stubborn, stayed on... And slowed down, I don't want him hitting me! THAT $##%^$#!!! So, he was probably trailing me for a minute or so, continuosly flashing, until I got SO fedup, I let go of the accelerator, trying to get him off my back... When he decided to cut into the left lane to overtake me, I (yeah yeah, I was mean, VERY mean) stepped on the accelerator and got back to my 90 km/h speed.

That %$#%$ then decided to swirve back out to the middle lane, trailing me, slowed down a little to show me his %$#&%$ middle finger, and stuck to my back, even closer than ever... If only I was driving a bulldozer at that time, he's probably on the front page of today's paper 'Lady Driver Pissed from Being Trailed - Made a Pancake out of Lorry Driver' article!!! So I stepped on my brake a little, and he cut out to the fastest lane. I shouldn't have done all that, driving alone and being pregnant, but when he passed, I stared at him, and guess what. That IDIOT, while parallel to me, tried to cut back into the middle lane to 'squeeze' me off it... So I hit on the honk and he went off, I wish I could shoot him dead!!!! GGRRRR!!!!!!!

WHY?! WHY?! WHY?!!!! Why is there so many idiotic drivers out there on the road (well, if I hear you say I am also one, being stubborn and all, I admit, but if he was nice in the start, I would have been nice!!).. All these road bullies, and they call themselves civilised?! MY FOOT! HMPH!! I'm PISSED!!!!!! I hope he get a puncture with no spare, stranded in the middle of the highway at 3am! BUA HA HA!!!!!

YEAH! I'm mean... VERY mean..... X-(