Thursday, April 05, 2007

Yeah, HB 7317... Whoever knows the driver of this taxi, scold him for me!

Firstly, he took the opposite lane to cut out at the T-junction, and I was obviously in front of him and he couldn't go out unless he knock into my car... So I went out and there was a jam, so I OBVIOUSLY stop, but this stupid idiot wasn't even looking (because he kept checking the oncoming traffic as he wanted to go into the NEXT lane), and nearly bang into my car, was going to sound the honk honk, when he realised it and swerve out...

THEN!!! He dare to stare at me and HONK me somemore.... IDIOT!

Sometimes I really hate taxi drivers....
Think they are the kings of the road? GRRRR
Anyone's father/husband/brother/boy friend/uncle is a taxi driver? If so, does he drive like that? ISH!!!!!!