Thursday, January 18, 2007

Disclaimer : This is what I heard from Tecky's colleague (she is staying near, so I think this is quite accurate), I hope that someone can tell me if this is true...

We all know that they have erected the Eye of Malaysia in Tasik Titiwangsa, yeah? That itself, I felt was a waste of money, in the sense that they RENTED the structure and at the end of this Visit Malaysia Year '07, they will tear it down!!!

Anyway, this is what I heard... THEY HAVE FIREWORKS THERE THIS FEW WEEKS, EVERY NIGHT, FOR ONE HOUR! WHAT IS THE POINT?! Is there really that many 'tourists' that you ought to burn SO MUCH money every night????? FIREWORK SHOW FOR ONE HOUR!!!!!

According to the 'source', it is disturbing, how not, when it goes on everyday for an hour (said to be around 8++ pm or so... But seriously, that would cost probably a 4 digit sum, and wouldn't it be better to spend those money to help the flood victim for example??? I mean, of course everyone loves fireworks, but I still don't see the point of doing it daily, and no one knows about this!!

Anyone staying near there?
Anyone heard of the same thing?
Anyone can give a 2nd confirmation that this is true?