Saturday, January 06, 2007

~ Backdated Post ~

For New Year's Day, we (my uncle, aunts, mom, bro + gf, cousins, Tecky, myself & Rachel) went to Jogoya, Starhill Gallery for a very expensive Japanese Buffet Lunch... It was RM78++ pax, and there were 10 of us (excluding Rachel), go figure... *roll eyes* (hehe, expensive cuz total all 10 person mar... I think the next time I go, it'll just be Tecky and me, and therefore, not so expensive leh... :D)

Anyhow, I had very high expectation of Jogoya, reading the wonderful reviews online... As soon as I stepped into it, my first thought was, WOW! SO MESSY!
Hahaha... Don't get me wrong, the ambience was nice, a little darkish, pass for cosiness, but I didn't quite like the layout... There were tables EVERYWHERE, and I didn't really quite understand the food area... I don't know if it was because half of my attention span was on Rachel, but I did get lost 1 or 2 times at first, in getting back to our table!! I didn't even know where to start, when it comes to taking food... The food aren't all located in the same area, there are some in this side, another in that corner, and some in the middle, then there's twist and turns around this table and that... We had a table in a closed up area, at one end of the restaurant...
Actually, I didn't really know if I DID checked through all their food... LOTSA varieties, but (I can't stress this enough) having Rachel there with me really took all my concentration... *roll eyes*

Another bad experience was, since it was a public holiday, there were TONNES of people around, and many that pisses you off, by either cutting your queue to the oyster, or jumping in front of you to get to the food first, or literally PUSHING you away... *GRR*

Jogoya Pics

As for the food, it was OK... I love the salmon sashimi... SLURP SLURP (no photos, cuz I was busy taking care of Rachel and eating and chit chatting, and getting food for my mom cuz she gave up looking, so she wanna just sit and be served, hehehe)... The oyster was good too, BIG and fresh... and I LOVE the young coconut... FREE FLOW! haha... THAT, was good... :D
I like their system, where you have plate clips with your table number on, and you just drop it into the ordering bowls of things you like, and they'll send it over... But maybe due to the messiness of New Year, some things we ordered did not arrive, but some that we didn't order came... *scratch head*
I have to admit I was a little dissapointed by the tempura though... It was a little too oily for my liking, and not crispy AT ALL... *shrug*
I like the wide and good range of dessert, it was a shame that I didn't have the luxury of sitting and ENJOYING them, with coffee.... The tiramisu would have went SUPERBLY with the coffee... I could have spent an hour going through the dessert, but an hour I don't have, cuz Rachel was making noise ler....

Rachel In JogoyaOH, by the way, Rachel enjoyed 2 plates of tofu too... hehe...

Everyone had to take turns carrying her in and out and around the place... She even poo-ed during our meal, and Jogoya wasn't very infant friendly (can't blame them though), we couldn't find anyplace to clean and change her... When asked, all waitress just stared at us semi-blankly, and point to the toilet, which doesn't have any space for changing...
We ended up searching for a diaper area in starhill (of course there is lar), but the problem is, NO ONE in starhill knows about it... When asked, everyone really just say I DON'T KNOW, try the toilet, try the concierge... BAH!!!!!! Where's the toilet?? Dunno, try downstairs... I think it's not because they don't know, is they LAZY to explain to us... *bleh* :P

The Loves of My Life...
A photo of the 2 loves of my life, taken near the entrance of Jogoya (x'mas deco too)

In a Nutshell
Will I visit again : YES (without Rachel)
Review : 6.5/10 (bad crowd + Rachel's disturbance)

Website :
Tel : 03-21421268

Price : RM78++ pax (11am - 2pm) daily
p/s: Not sure about the hi-tea & dinner though