Thursday, January 04, 2007

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There's just too many loans available out there, some being so much cheaper than another... The site also provides a loan comparison (you can find this via the loan review section), which makes life a little easier for you... Make sure that you check all the crucial information of all, including the loan tenure, interest rates, early repayment penalties and such...

I personally selected a wrong mortgage loan before, lucky there is such thing called the refinancing, which provided me a 2nd chance to refinance with better terms... I signed up the first without realising the penalties and the high interest rates after a certain amount of years... The second was much better, which provided me the flexibility of depositing as and when I like, of any amount, and the ability to withdraw as needed, no interest penalty charged, with a daily interest calculation, which is good...

So when you do sign up a loan, check and recheck as needed.. :)