Friday, August 25, 2006

Since young, whenever I played with little babies, the most commonly used baby word would be "A-Goo-Goo" (or a range of similar sounded mumble). It has always puzzled me, as to why everyone uses it, everyone knows it, and it's a internationally known baby word (at least among the people that I have came across, most common among Asian Chinese).

I have realised the answer now that I have a kid of my own (that sentence did snap me for a moment, A KID OF MY OWN!!). In milestones of babies book, as early as about 2 months, babies tend to 'utter' their 'first word', which will be something like 'A-Goo'!! That's it! That is why everyone tend to say A-GOO-GOO to babies! Because that's their common 'first word', irregardless of culture, religion, origin... And also, they do like it (and it is encouraged, as it does enhance their development in some way or another according to research, don't ask me what) when we repeat the sounds that comes out from their mouth.

Rachel is actually repeating A-GOO or A-GOO-GOO to us nowadays. Mostly when she's happy and cheerful, sorta like in a chatting session with the parents. She'll go A-GOO, then smile, waiting for me to repeat it back to her, then she'll smirk and then shout back, A-GOO-GOO! Her new favourite face expression now is when you play with your tongue. Go 'BRR BRR BRR', or something like this -->. Then she'll stop struggling and stare at me. Hahaha....

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