Monday, January 23, 2006

I got my bonus for the year of 2005 last week!! What does that got to do with life perspective you ask?? HeHeHe...

When the letter was handed to me, Mr. Boss clearly state, saying that bonus here is not that good, and with that statement playing in my mind while tearing open the envelope (NO LAR, not in front of Mr. Boss lar), the sum that was starting at me back in BOLD, was the BIGGEST bonus I have ever had in my 5 working years..... Even when I read that the amount will be prorated for staff that did not work a full year, the after calculation amount still beats all other bonuses amount. (NOTE: Not that it was a hell lot, but it was the most I have ever received)

SIDENOTE: The company that I was previusly working with, has MINIMAL (read: SMALL) bonus. In the whole of my 4 years there, I have received a total of less than 50% of the highest monthly salary that I ever had.

Now, what I'm trying to say is that, everyone here, including Mr. Boss is 'complaining' about the bonus being little, and not being happy about it, while for me, it is the BEST I have ever gotten. If this amount was being distributed in my previous company, EVERY SINGLE STAFF(previous company) will be happy instead of complaining(current company)!!!!

When I think it over, doesn't this show that it is always the case that humans are NEVER happy with what they have, instead the more they get, the more they ask for? It's really how we choose to look at life and what it is offering us with, that determines our happiness. Sometimes, I think I take too much things for granted, when I started to complain about my life and how it sucks, which I learnt that, as soon as I take a different approach to look at things that happened, it means a totally different thing altogether again.....

On another topic: I realised that they did not prorate the amount that they have mentioned in the letter, ang gave me in full. If you were me, what would you have done? To check with HR and risk a quarter of the amount being taken away, or to keep quiet and risk being found out if there was an error??