Monday, April 23, 2007

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Yes, as a continuation of THIS post, we have completed all the necessary process of the house purchase, on Sunday... FINALLY... Because we were pending the EPF withdrawal for our 10% downpayment... :D

I wrote the BIGGEST cheque amount on that day too... Imagine, I had to check and double check and get Tecky to check it, to make sure I didn't write it wrongly... RM26100... WOW! hahaha... If only those money is CASH, that I have yeah? That'll be SUPERB! For now, since the cheque is not cleared yet, I'm having a big sum of money in my bank account... Never before I have that big amount ler... Really time to save up more to see that sum... haha

Anyhow, this marks the completion of the house purchase, from now on, there's no more major process to go through, until getting the vacant possession yeah? So renovation headache is starting... We'll most probably be going to the Home Dec this weekend, to scout around for ideas... Anyone else going? :D