Monday, January 08, 2007

~Backdated Post ~
p/s: MORE to come, cuz I don't have time to edit the photos... Some backdated video post too, cuz I couldn't upload to youTube... *shrug*

Rachel attended her first baby fullmoon party on 2nd January 2007 (last Tuesday)... It was for my secondary school mate's daughter (Cheryl Goh)... Little angel was born in a very entertaining labour story from her mother (HAVE to say this, cuz it's really farnee)... According to fwen's hubby, she even spoke to the doctor in several languages (chinese dialects lar), and 'fought' with doctor when her gas was taken away... Lots more, but I guess that's her, always the bubbly farnee person... Baby Cheryl is healthy and has put on more than 1kg in the first month itself... Sleeps a lot too, I've seen her 2 times, and all she does is SLEEP! I SO ENVY!!!!!!!! (Rachel did sleep that much even in her first month)...
Cheryl's Fullmoon Party
Group photo (Left to Right) : Shirley, Me & Rachel, Fwen's nieces (don't know name ler), Fwen (Vivien) & Cheryl, Anna, Terrilyn
p/s: if you look closely on my shoulder, you'll see it's all WET, because Rachel was biting on it!!!! And I'm all sweaty, after a whole night of carrying Rachel, since she didn't want Tecky to carry her either... *roll eyes*

Rachel with KidsI have realised for a while now, that Rachel LOVES to be around kids... During the party, she was fussing quite a bit (sleepy mar), so I was carrying her standing, and walking around... When we reached the swing where lotsa other kids were, she just stare and laugh to them... When my fwen's niece came and talk to Rachel, she just stare attentively and looks like she really listened!!! Very soon, I will have to remember to bring Rachel out to playground and such, for her to socialise with other kids, cuz she LOVES looking at them... ALWAYS! Everywhere!!! When we go out eating in restaurants, she does this too, stare and laugh/smile at other kids!! At age of 7++ months, already courting boys!! Next time must lock her up... hahaha....

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