Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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Are you a gambler??
I admit, I do gamble (thought I'm not a gambler)... Occasion 4D (4 digits), occasion mahjong like game, and of course mainly during chinese new year... It's a GAMBLING time (well, maybe not now, since I have to take care of Rachel... hahaha...)... It's like a custom, really, I gamble with my mom, my grandmom, my godmom, my husband even... People come to our house, gamble gamble gamble... hahaha... weird eh? Anyway, Chinese New Year coming up again, if I do get to 'play' a little, I'll let you know if I won or not... hahaha... (But I've never got winning luck)

Nowadays, along with the popularity of internet (good thing my godmom doesn't know about this, else she'll sit in front of the pc all day, gambling), there's online casino... We see it all the time, the pop ups and links everywhere...

As I said, I'm not a gambler, but I like playing them, for free of course... I used to download trial versions, play for free, and when my credit goes out, I stop... hahaha... For those that are really interested, check out Online Poker... They provide reviews of online casinos and gives you links to discounts for new accounts... Also check out they info that they give on how to play poker online... Make sure you know what you are doing, and make sure you don't gamble your life and the money you need to buy milk powder on it... It's not worth it... TRUST ME! I've seen so many people running away, taking up loans, declaring bankruptcy etc, and all caused by GAMBLING!!! Chances of you winning the money you have lost, is MINIMAL (the odds are always against you, how else do you think casino makes money?), just play for the fun of it, set a limit, when you lose that much, or if you've won that much, LEAVE... Gamble smart, with your head and not your heart... (haha, I'm sure an ardant gambler wouldn't agree with me... *roll eyes*) :D