Friday, November 24, 2006

As requested by Annie, here's a family photo, taken last month... I guess not much introduction required eh? haha... That's me, little Rachel and hubby (affectionately referred to as Tecky from this post onwards)... So if you do happen to bump into us in the future, don't run away yeah... :D

Yesterday evening, we gave Rachel something new again... This time around, it's PAPAYA!!!

Looking at the photo on the left, does look yucky yeah... I just scrap the flesh off, and mash it up with spoon... :D

SHE LOVES IT!! Must be because it's really sweet and juicy... :D
I'm glad Rachel loves fruits, it seems that any fruits we gave her (apple, banana, papaya) thus far, she'll whallop the whole thing, and then wait for more... :D

Oh, I have to add, she did her big business (poop lar) yesterday morning (normally once a day, or two), but about 30 minutes or so after the papaya, she poop again, A LOT somemore I tell you... But no, it's not diarrhea, just softer lor...

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