Monday, August 28, 2006

I have a habit of liking to move little Rachel onto bed with hubby and myself, on mornings which we can sleep in after her morning feeding, putting her in between us, and I'll always have my arms around her, patting whenever she makes noise and sometimes a brief cuddle (no no, don't worry, I did not, and will not sandwich her).

Sunday morning, I know she fussed, and I know I woke up, and patted her in her own bed, before going to bed again. I dozed off with my arms on hubby's chest. The next thing I woke up to was, Rachel fussing again, and hubby asking me in sudden surprise "WHY? WHY?"! Then I realised, I have been patting hubby on his tummy, with Rachel fussing in her own bed! *DUH*

I am SO SO silly, I can't stop laughing at myself! JEEZ!!! How could I? *knock own head on the wall* Now now, it's about time you stop laughing, or the people around you are gonna think you are crazy! ;P