Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Scenario : It's a nice relaxing sunday morning, and you are out taking a morning walk with your gf/bf/spouse (strike out the irrelevant). By nature, you'd just hold each others hands while walking, and enjoying the morning breeze, nicely chatting when you are suddenly stopped by a policeman:
Police: Mana IC (Where's your Identification Card)?
You & Partner: Err, wait. (Stumbling in your wallet to retrieve your IC for him, while wondering what offense have you done)
Police: Apa buat pagi pagi Ahad? (What you doing early Sunday morning)
You & Partner: Saje, jalan jalan. (Just strolling)
Police: Tak boleh ni (Cannot like this). (Scribbling something, while checking on your

You & Partner: Apa salah kami? (What offense have we committed?)
Police: Nah, ambik ni!! (Nah, take this) (Passing you the fine and your ICs back)
And then, you read that you are both now being fined for HOLDING HANDS!

WTF right? This is outrageous (I FEEL LAR). What is wrong with holding hands in public? Do you EVER see the act of holding hands as disturbing? OR OR, does it even suggest any sexual act? OOHHH... my bf just held my hands, he wants sex tonite? HOW, HOW HOW HOW, does this ppl even categorise holding hands as something obscene?? Please do enlighten me on this topic. How could fining people for holding hands or kissing in public do any good?

If I would really want to be naughty in public, I can not hold hands and not kiss and still do many other obscene things lar! These people that came up with this ruling, must be some jealous prick, that feel the pain in the heart when they see happy couples holding hands while walking in the street, how else would that simple act be disturbing?? I DON'T SEE THE LOGIC! Anyone care to show me some light on this one????