Friday, March 30, 2007

Never would I imagine, but this chat with Egghead convinced me to give it a try:
ShannonC.: but i dun like genting lar
ShannonC.: maybe now if bring kids it's different lar
egghead: y?
ShannonC.: SO SIEN
egghead: yeah lah
ShannonC.: nothing to do
egghead: bring kids is totally different lah
egghead: hahahaha
ShannonC.: haha, must take ur advice, go trytry
egghead: must go lah
egghead: trust me lah
egghead: no regrets one
egghead: I started bring my son there since he is 10 months ler
So, yeah... I think I will take his 'no-regrets' word, and give it a try and start planning for a trip there soon yeah (yes yes, both Tecky and I has been talking about needing a break)...

Actually, does having tagged along by a kiddo make so much difference? SERIOUSLY?! I'll have to give u the answer after I try it... :D

NOTE: Egg, if regret, refund on you, not Unker Lim... WAHAHA...