Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well, mom always told me that bad luck comes in 3's... Is it true?
I've been pretty bad luck myself lately, mostly with the banks... But then again, my list of bad lucks has reach multiple of 3's... *SOB*

But it suddenly strike me... It must be because I'm all sad and worried from the previous bad lucks, that I'm emotional and physically disturbed and 'discharged' which makes me more prone to more bad luckes yeah?? DAMN IT! Give me some prozac and make me feel better.... :|
Also, maybe because I'm down, so every other little MINUTE thingy makes me feel like it's such a big fuss and big BAD BAD BAD luck striking again...

I'm determined to STOP THE BAD LUCKS... I think I've had enough for the WHOLE year... now STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT... No more bad lucks for the year of 2007...

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