Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I have been pretty stressed lately, not due to Rachel, but mostly from work and mostly, TRAFFIC... I don't know if 1 is caused by the other, but I'm in hunt for a way to solve these stresses...

I think I'm lacking in the part of settling in an environment, cuz I always let the environment stresses me more than necessary... Changes, that a thing that stressed me now... and also, companion a.k.a colleagues... This are the factors that you can't control, but sometimes, I find that these are also the factors that are important to me... I don't mind working more, I don't mind taking up more work, as long as the team is comprised with people you can work with, and not people that is out there to take on more credit for other people's work... Or people that are so fake, you can see or hear right through them... Or people that walk about in the office just so they can look into ur monitor to peep on what you are doing, OBVIOUSLY... BAH! PEOPLE!!!

TAXIS and IDIOTS.... They think their grandfather bought the road ar?
I sometimes hope I have this car that I invented when I was younger, when I see my dad driving and those people that think they own the road... Where I will have armour all around the car, which are retractable, mind you, SHARP amours ok? And a flashing signage to say what I wish for it to say as I key in... Then I can give these people a piece of my mind, when they eat into my rights of lane, or swerve out into my lane without even looking, and all and all and all... With armour, they'll be scared... wahaha.... U CAME INTO MY CAR, not my fault... HMPHHHHHHHHHH