Friday, March 09, 2007

I haven't been putting up good post for about a month now eh? I was busy sorting out how to move away from blogspot... It has been frustrating when I can't load pictures and all the can't comment periods...

Initially, I thought I'd keep this blog, for PPP purpose, but then again, PPP advertisers is starting to exclude blogspot... Well, I have officially submitted into PPP and pending approval... Check out that site, I will be moving over slowly (and be maintaining 3 blogs until that time) so please LINK ME to that new blog of mine... I will mainly be expressing my thoughts and feelings and also jotting down things I see and learn everyday, in oppose to Crumbs in Life which has mainly be monopolised by Rachel... hehehe... I'm sure I'll have mixture of information everywhere... *roll eyes*

p/s: I'm a little afraid that I might reach a point that I give up maintaining so many blogs and post my main blog into PPP... hahaha... But for now, lets keep it the way it is... :D